Paul Curran knows that it is important to bring common sense business practices into NYS government. Electing business smart legislators, like Paul, will bring a new vitality to our economy and our Southern Dutchess communities.

In business, you do not get to choose your customers nor usually your investors or stockholders. Success depends on learning to work with people of a variety of backgrounds. It also requires that you constantly strive for ideas to lower costs and increase your ability to produce more efficiently. Governor Cuomo has started some of these initiatives but we need to challenge our government to do more in this fashion. Paul will do just that.

Paul has brought his unique philosophy to the Beekman Citizen’s Budget Oversight Committee, a bipartisan volunteer body that reviews all finances in the Town of Beekman. Paul is proud of his work as chairman and Beekman is the only Town in Dutchess County that has shown a reduction in its tax levy rate over the past two years. This reduction was accompanied by an improvement in provision of many government services.

As an engineer and a businessman with vast experience in energy production, especially renewable, Paul knows what it takes to create jobs. Long term economic development requires that we encourage private sector investment and sustainable energy production. Paul will fight for such common sense initiatives.

Politically, Paul believes that elected officials need to be able to represent and dialogue with all citizens. Paul is excited to meet consitituents from all parties and sit down and have conversation on how to make Southern Dutchess and New York State a better place to live and work.

As a businessman, Paul has never picked his customers or investors. He worked with all. As a NYS Assemblyman from Southern Dutchess, it will be his job to work with all citizens, He is going to be great at working for and with all of us!